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What Scent Keeps Bed Bugs Away?

Essential OilsYou’ve likely read that scents can stop bugs from approaching your home. It is true. The technique works exceptionally well in many cases. However, it might not work for all of the pests you may encounter. With that being said, some people believe that certain scents are going to work great for keeping bedbugs away from their homes. Using peppermint, lavender, and other scents may work for other pests. Will this work for bedbugs? Ultimately, certain scents have an impact on bedbugs. However, these scents may not keep bedbugs away from your dwelling.

You’ll find that bedbugs are deterred by the pheromones released by baby bedbugs. Baby bedbugs release unique pheromones to ensure that male bedbugs stay away from them. Although the scent works great for stopping male bedbugs, it won’t stop female bedbugs. A female bedbug will pass the smell without being bothered by it. Nevertheless, many over-the-counter pest control products feature these pheromones. Therefore, you can’t rely solely on these products. How about essential oils?

The US Department of Agriculture carefully studied the effectiveness of essential oils for this purpose. The study confirmed that essential oils would have an impact on bedbugs. However, it wasn’t possible to repel bedbugs using these scents. It helps, but bedbugs will likely walk right past these scents. The most effective essential oils for this purpose include paraffin oil, silicone oil, blood orange oil, and spearmint oil. Just remember that the effectiveness was incredibly limited. Therefore, you should not solely rely on these products to defend your home from bedbugs.

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