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Best Mattress Covers For Stopping Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are to be reckoned with, even with their small size. The insect is notoriously plaguing its victim, causing severe anxiety, paranoia, and depression. Just ask any victim, they will all say the same thing, bed bugs are a nightmare. Whether you are a property owner or tenant, bed bugs are going to be your worst enemy. Once the insects are invited to your home, you can expect a difficult life for the remainder of their stay. You can only hope, the stay is short-term. Fortunately, victims do not need to share their homes with bed bugs. Regardless of the severity of the infestation, there is a resolution. This resolution is the mattress cover, combined with professional pest control. Studies show the mattress cover may eradicate bed bugs when applied properly. When most people think of a mattress cover, they instantly think of young children and bedridden patients. While these are great reasons to have a mattress cover, this is only the beginning. Mattress covers have also been shown to be effective in bed bug extermination.

How Does The Bed Bug Mattress Cover Work?

The mattress cover “mattress protector” is exactly as its name entails. Most mattress covers are constructed from polyurethane to ensure maximum protection. Cotton, vinyl, yarn, and polyester are also utilized in mattress protector manufacturing. When it comes to the extermination of bed bugs, vinyl is going to be your best option. Vinyl is not breathable, making it easier to eradicate bed bugs living in mattresses. Bed bug mattress protectors are available in various designs, offering partial or full protection. Partial protection covers the top portion of the mattress. Full protection encases the entire mattress. The most common hiding place for bed bugs is the host’s mattress, followed by the box springs. Instead of replacing the mattress, you can cover it with a mattress cover. To ensure maximum protection from bed bugs, experts recommend a mattress cover before an infestation. A full encasement mattress cover cuts of the air and food supplies, leaving the bed bugs to perish. Believe it or not, this process works extraordinarily well when implemented properly.

Mattress Covers And Bed Bug Eradication

A study conducted by researchers at the University of Minnesota revealed a mattress cover can eradicate a bed bug colony within 2 weeks. The insects must be fully trapped inside the cover to deliver full extermination with the predicted time frame. Once the mattress protector is intact, further bed bugs cannot access the mattress. The cover creates a battier between the mattress and bed bugs.

Shopping For A New Mattress Protector

When Washington DC consumers are faced with the task of finding suitable mattress covers, they need to go shopping. Most land-based department and retail stores offer a selection of mattress cover brands and designs. Knowing your options will put you one step ahead of the shopping process.

Will It Be A Full Encasement Mattress Cover?

It is up to the consumer, as to which design will work best for your bed bug needs and preferences. For example, for consumers desiring full protection from a bed bug infestation, the full encasement cover design is a must. This design encases the entire mattress, utilizing a Velcro or zipper closure to create a perfect seal. Experts highly recommend a full encasement mattress protector design to ensure maximum protection.

Does The Mattress Cover Create A Perfect Seal?

The first thing you should ask is, does the mattress cover create a full seal around the mattress. If the answer is “yes,” the cover will deliver 100 percent full protection against the infestation of bed bugs. It is important to note, all full encasement mattress covers are not created equal. Some brands are lacking in design, quality, protection, durability, and longevity. For example, a full encasement design with tie fasteners will not offer full protection. The gaps between The perfect mattress cover will be one that is handpicked by the consumer. Remember, what works for one home will not work for all homes. Knowing in advance will definitely play in your favor later on down the road.

Do Manufacturers Test Their Mattress Covers?

Most manufacturers do test their mattress protectors. The purpose of the testing is the determine the level of protection provided by a specific mattress cover. There are several factors that determine the protection level. These factors include design, fasteners, and construction. It only makes sense, vinyl mattress covers with zippers will offer a higher level of protection than cotton mattress covers with tie fasteners.

The Materials Utilized To Make Mattress Covers Contain Toxins

Manufacturers strive to handpick materials that have been proven harmless. Safety is the manufacturer’s biggest concern, following protection, durability, and longevity. For your safety, it is best to stick with brands that utilize non-toxic materials. Mattress covers, designed from synthetic latex, flame retardant materials, fabric, and vinyl that contains chemicals like chlorofluorocarbons “CFS”, trichloroethane, formaldehyde, benzene, and toluene. All of these chemicals pose health risks due to long-time exposure.

Are Mattress Cover Encasements Effective?

It depends on the design, installation process, and fasteners. If you have any questions, you should not hesitate to reach out to our Washington DC extermination team. We believe mattress cover encasements are very effective when designed and installed properly. Full encasement designs are guaranteed to be more effective than partial encasement designs. When you consider, the full encasement design engulfs the entire mattress, which is sealed by a zipper, it only makes sense. When only a portion of the mattress is covered, only that portion of the mattress is protected. However, there is one exception to this theory. This exception is related to the bed bug’s capabilities. Bed bugs are tiny insects capable of infiltrating small openings to access homes. Keeping this in mind, the bed bug can infiltrate an entire mattress, even though part of it is covered by a mattress protector. There is nothing more unnerving than knowing you are sharing your bed with parasites like bed bugs. You know, there is the risk of becoming a blood meal while asleep. This alone will cause restlessness, sleeplessness, and anxiety. A mattress cover can definitely help reduce these symptoms while giving peace of mind.

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