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Eco-Friendly Bed Bug Treatment Washington DC

Most people are not expecting a bed bug encounter when it happens. These parasites notoriously victimize their hosts to no end. Parasitic bed bugs feed on the blood of animals and humans, preferably the latter.

Bed bug sightings in hotels, inns, and bed & Breakfasts are not uncommon. In fact, thousands of bed bug sightings are reported in Washington DC alone. However, most people are in the dark, when it comes to bed bug encounters.

Bed bugs are nocturnal and no larger than about 7 millimeters in length. Discretion is important for the bed bug, as it could be the difference between survival and extermination. The insect utilizes a secretion with numbing properties to feed discretely. As hard as the insects may try, there is no possible way to keep the host from discovering the truth. A raised, pinpoint-sized red bump is evidence enough to determine you have been victimized by bed bugs.

The Solution: Eco-Friendly Treatment

Once you have the evidence in hand, it will be time to start searching for a resolution. If this is your first time being a bed bug victim, you will have no idea what to do. Unfortunately, many victims delay action, thinking the allergic reaction is not concerning. While this may be the case, bed bug bites warrant immediate action. Not just any old action will resolve the issue. The appropriate action is eco-green pest control.

What Is Eco-Green Bed Bug Management?

Eco-green pest management is designed to deliver full extermination of various pest species without utilizing toxic chemicals. Our environmentally friendly bed bug control consists of limited treatment options:

Our thermal heat treatment utilizes a naturally occurring sedimentary rock that is converted into a powder to exterminate bed bugs. We increase the temperature to 113 degrees Fahrenheit and higher to implement our thermal heat treatment. The high-temperature heat is then combined with diatomaceous earth to ensure the best outcome.

Our cryonite, carbon dioxide “snow,” treatment generates temperatures negative 100 degrees Fahrenheit and below. With only 20 minutes of exposure, the colony of bed bugs begins to perish. Cryonite is a non-toxic bed bug treatment proven to be effective in bed bug extermination time and time again.

Our steam treatment generates temperatures around 212 degrees Fahrenheit. We utilize cutting-edge technology to deliver the hot steam safely and directly at bed bugs. Our exterminators conduct a thorough inspection of the impacted property, in an attempt to locate the bed bug hiding places. Locating bed bugs is extremely difficult if not impossible due to their small size, nocturnal behavior, and unusual nesting habits.

Our adhesive traps utilize a glue-like substance to capture bed bugs traveling to and from their hosts. When the trap is completely filled, the client is responsible for its safe disposal. We highly recommend monitoring the bed bug trap for any potential activity.

Request A Free Bed Bug Inspection, Today!

We understand the difficulty consumers face when trying to determine if their properties are truly infested with bed bugs. It cannot be stressed enough, the bed is one of the most difficult insect species to detect. With its small size and nocturnal behavior, combined with no nests for the eggs and larvae,  live sightings are impossible without experience.

We highly recommend our professional eco-friendly bed bug control. Do not fret, we will work with your budget, but we suggest taking advantage of our free consultation service. We will pair you with one of our pest control experts to ensure a more than satisfactory customer experience.

Our Post-Treatment Follow-Up

Our professional pest control treatment is initiated with an initial visible inspection. If bed bugs are detected during the inspection, the exterminator will then develop a custom treatment based on the data collected. The first treatment is administered, with a 3-week separation before the second treatment is administered.

Following the second treatment and a 3-week separation, the exterminator returns to the client’s home for a follow-up visit. During the visit, a visual inspection is conducted to determine the effectiveness of the custom treatment. We hope no bed bugs are detected because it would mean the treatment was not 100 percent effective. If this happens, it will be back to the drawing board.

Learn more about our eco-friendly bed bug services by contacting our Washington DC customer support

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